Cutlass Zoysia GrassLess Mowing


Cutlass Zoysia


  • Less Mowing: Horizontal growth habit means a strong lawn with less mowing
  • Strong Lawn: Most of the growth goes to the roots and horizontally. It’s one tough lawn grass.
  • Shade tolerant
  • Less water
  • Less fertilizer


Cutlass Logo_cobaltWith Cutlass Zoysia, you might as well put the mower back in the garage. You won’t need it for a while! Cutlass is extremely low maintenance. It is drought tolerant and shade tolerant like other Zoysias, but what makes it special is it’s growth habit. It doesn’t grow very much vertically and most of the growth of this grass goes to the roots and horizontally across the lawn for great coverage. This creates a strong, resilient lawn that you hardly have to mow! Cutlass is also being used for native areas and accents. It’s perfect for landscaping and golf courses because it offers an alternative to your conventional native grasses. Cutlass holds soil, is attractive, and has less weeds than your average native grass!

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