L1F ZoysiaGrass for Sports and Lawns

Bladerunner Farms L1F Zoysia


L1F Zoysia Grass
  • Extremely fine textured zoysiagrass
  • Erect, upright nature ideal for golf courses
  • Less thatch
  • Shade tolerant
  • Soft, cushiony feel
  • Should be mowed at ½-inch or lower


L1F-ZoysiaL1F Zoysia is the latest innovation in zoysiagrass for golf courses. This extremely fine-textured grass may be suitable for use on golf greens, as well as the rest of the golf course playing surface. With L1F tee-to-green, the Future Just Got Finer!

L1F Zoysia is also being used on various sports fields  and holds up exceptionally well to wear and tear. This grass is very dense and wear tolerant.

L1F is also great for home lawns. It doesn’t require a ton of sun, and its wear tolerance makes it a perfect backyard grass for parents or pet owners!


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