Bladerunner Farms Grass Varieties

For the past 30 years, the founder of Bladerunner Farms, David Doguet, has made it his mission to find and develop sustainable, low maintenance grass varieties and bring them to you, the consumer.

The search for the perfect grass has led him to focus on two distinct families of grasses: Zoysiagrass and Buffalograss.

These two grass families have natural attributes that allow them to require less water, less fertilizer and fewer inputs overall than other grasses. Yes, you can have a beautiful home lawn, golf course or sports field without all of the water, fertilizer, mowing or chemicals commonly used on other grasses. That’s been the Bladerunner Farms goal for three decades. We’re happy to report that the grasses we offer you today meet or exceed the criteria of sustainability. You can you have a beautiful lawn, golf course or sports field that you can water less often, use less fertilizer and that requires less maintenance!

How to Get our Grass

All of our low maintenance, proprietary turfgrasses are sold through licensed and Certified sod producers. Our grass is sold only as sod or sprigs, no seed.

In San Antonio, Texas, Bladerunner Farms harvests and sells our turfgrass sod and sprigs from our farm. To Contact Bladerunner Farms directly: 830-276-4455 or

Outside of our San Antonio location, Bladerunner Farms grass varieties are available in more than a dozen states, grown by licensed sod producers. To find a licensed sod farm near you, visit our Where to Buy section for more information.