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Doguet Ventures
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Doguet Ventures is a licensing and marketing firm dedicated to the expansion of environmentally friendly turfgrasses around the globe for use on home lawns, sports fields and golf courses. The firm licenses proprietary grasses to sod farms in the United States located west of the Mississippi River.

In the turf industry, the Doguet family name is synonymous with zoysiagrass. And for good reason. The firm is owned by David Jr., Daric and Darin Doguet, who are the sons of David Doguet, Sr., renowned zoysiagrass turf breeder. David Doguet, Sr., is the president of Bladerunner Farms, the largest privately held Zoysiagrass and Buffalograss breeding and research facility in the world. David Doguet, Sr., has researched and released grasses for more than 30 years.

Bladerunner Farms has been in search of the next best turf grass for the past three decades. The goal is to introduce improved turfgrasses and phase out inferior varieties from the marketplace. David Sr. has worked closely with multiple universities as well as many private Individuals to prove the integrity of his products. Currently, Bladerunner has an agreement with the University of Georgia to breed new varieties of Zoysiagrass. From all of his years of research, David Sr. has developed a sense of selecting quality turf varieties. Grasses that have come out of the Bladerunner breeding program include: Zeon Zoysia, JaMur Zoysia, Density Buffalograss, Eco Buffalograss and Leisure Time Zoysia. Two new varieties are poised to join the worldwide stage: L1F Zoysia and Lowrider Zoysia.

David Doguet’s three sons, (David, Jr., Daric and Darin), grew up on their father’s turf farm in Poteet, Texas, and for the past 15 years they have each had a part in the company’s success.

In 2012, the Doguet brothers approached their father about a collaboration. The idea was to create a company of their own and work synergistically with their father’s company, becoming the licensing agent west of the Mississippi for all Bladerunner grasses, both Zoysias and Buffalograsses. That company became Doguet Ventures.

At this time Doguet Ventures has a variety of Zoysia and Buffalo grasses available for licensing. Each of the grasses available currently, and all releases to come, have been selected from Bladerunner Farms’ extensive collection.