JaMur ZoysiaLawn and Landscape Grass

JaMurLogoPNGAs one the most drought tolerant zoysias available, JaMur Zoysia requires less water to produce a lush, dense turf. University research and NTEP (the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program) proves JaMur’s excellent ability to recover from traffic and wear. Go ahead, let the kids and the dogs play on it!

JaMur ZoysiaVersatile & Easy to Manage


JaMur Zoysia
  • Attractive blue-green color
  • Produces less thatch
  • Dense turf resists weeds
  • Comparable to improved St. Augustine cultivars in shade tolerance
  • Very cold tolerant
  • Extremely drought tolerant Zoysia
  • Sold only as a certified Zoysia
  • Extensive root system allows for quick recovery from damage or wear
  • Mow with rotary mower at 1-inch to 2-inches
  • Less than 2 lbs. of nitrogen per 1,000 sq.ft. per year


With its adaptability to full sun and moderate shade sites, JaMur is one of the most versatile turfgrass varieties available. JaMur Zoysia is a medium textured grass, similar in look to El Toro grass, but it’s a lot easier to manage. JaMur needs less water and less fertilizer than other standard lawn grasses. Once established, this dense turf tends to choke out weeds. In addition, JaMur is considered a much-improved replacement for other Zoysia cultivars, including El Toro, Meyer, Palisades, Empire, & Crown. Its attractive blue-green color is the best choice for high visibility areas, and high traffic residential and commercial applications.


JaMur ZoysiaBenefits

JaMur is one of the most versatile grasses on the market today. It does well in sun or shade, cold or heat, home lawns or commercial applications. Sold as sod only.


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