Bladerunner FarmsGrasses Under Development

Bladerunner Farms continuously has new grasses under development. Our research facility houses thousands of individual turf specimens. We screen for low water requirements and slow growing grasses that may be mowed less often, that thrive on reduced fertilizer, fewer inputs, have shade tolerance and drought tolerance, and many other beneficial characteristics.

Over the coming years, we will continue to release grasses that are sustainable, good for the environment, and beneficial to our customers.

Research Update, July 2013New Zoysia Research Facility for Golf Course Putting Greens Installed

In July 2013, Bladerunner Farms embarked on the next chapter of zoysia grass development. A new research area was constructed at the Bladerunner Farms research facility in Poteet, Texas, to specifically evaluate, study and conduct research experiments on 18 individual varieties of zoysia grass for use on golf course putting greens. This is significant because, up until now, zoysia has not been widely used for golf course putting greens. The results of this study could have a world-wide impact on the grasses used on golf courses in the future.

Along with the 18 zoysia grass varieties in the putting grass study, another 4 zoysias are under evaluation for fairways and roughs for golf courses. To see a full gallery of photos of the construction of the new putting green research facility, Click Here.