Greens grass varieties developed by Bladerunner Farms, the Zoysiagrass Experts

Decades of research and development created a breakthrough in the advancement of zoysiagrass varieties for golf course greens. Greens grassed with these new varieties benefit from all of the sustainability features of zoysiagrass (low fertility, salt tolerance shade tolerance), with the playability and speed of required of championship-quality greens. Stimp measurements of between 9 to 14 feet make zoysia for greens the new reality for golf course design and management.

Availability Timeline:

Trinity (L1F): 2018, ample supply
Primo (M85): 2018, limited supply
Prizm (M60): 2019, limited supply
Lazer (DALZ 1308): 2020, limited supply

The Greens Group: Authorized Greens Grass Producers

These growers were chosen for their high standards of production and quality control. The only places to purchase these varieties specifically for use on greens are these four authorized sod farm locations.

Central US:

Bladerunner Farms, Inc.
802 Howard Rd.
Poteet, TX 78065
Contact: David Doguet
Greens Varieties Produced: Primo (M85), Stadium (M66), Trinity (L1F), Lazer (1308)

Western US:

Southland Sod Farms, Inc.
PO Box 579
Port Hueneme, CA
Contact: Martin Gramckow
Greens Varieties Produced: Primo (M85)

Eastern US:

Buy Sod, Inc.
PO Box 4089
Pinehurst, NC 28374
Contact: Mark Stovall
Greens Varieties Produced: Primo (M85), Stadium (M66), Trinity (L1F), Lazer (1308)

Eastern US:

Pike Creek Turf, Inc.
427 Pike Creek Turf Circle
Adel, GA 31620
Contact: Bruce Allison
Greens Varieties Produced: Primo (M85), Stadium (M66), Trinity (L1F), Lazer (1308)