Zoysia Primo in Atlanta (winter)

Extracted from an article by Stacie Zinn Roberts.

David Doguet has commented the benefits of zoysiagrass for more than 3 decades. Doguet, president of Bladerunner Farms and recognized as an expert in Zoysia, now has 4 new varieties on the market for use as golf greens turf. Primo, Lazer, Prizm and Trinity Zoysia are no longer a promise, but are available today.

Some of the new high profile projects in the golf industry are planting some of the zoysias of Bladerunner Farms. They are:

  • Houston: the first field that will be planted from wall to wall with Zoysia Primo begins its construction in the spring of 2019.
  • Bahamas: Jacks Bay, the new short court designed by Tiger Woods, will have 9 greens planted with Primo Zoysia.
  • Georgia: Crooked Creek Club in Atlanta was recently renovated with Primo Zoysia on all its greens.
  • South Carolina: Spanish Wells at Hilton Head planted Primo Zoysia on its 9-hole course.
  • Jamaica: White Witch GC planted 10 of his greens with Primo Zoysisa, and this summer he will plant the rest.
  • Texas: Bluejack National, designed by Tiger Woods, planted Trinity Zoysia on the greens of its short court, and the Texas GC at San Antonio planted its 18 greens with Trinity Zoysia.

Zoysia Trinity in Australia

In Middletown, California, Zeon Zoysia will be used in The Bramble, designed by Coore-Crenshaw.

The research on this lawn continues. Bladerunner Farms, together with Team Zoysia and Team Zoysia International, work with Dr. Ambika Chandra at Texas A & M University, and Dr. Brian Schwartz at the University of Georgia to continue developing and testing new varieties.

Bladerunner also has research studies in different countries besides the USA: Brazil, Bahamas, Mexico, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Portugal and Spain.

Stacie Zinn Roberts is Marketing & Media Public Relations of “What’s Your Avocado?”